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The Dangers of Teen Driving

New Driver Responsibilities

Learning to drive is a rite of passage for most Abilene, Texas teenagers. While driving comes with a lot of freedom, it also comes with responsibility. New drivers are more likely to make errors of judgment or shrug off common safety concerns. Having a serious discussion with new teen drivers about risky behavior while behind the wheel may help curb some of the risks.

Driving with Too Many Distractions

Teenagers do not always understand that attention to the road should be the number one priority. If they have friends in the car, they may focus more on the conversation and engaging with other kids. Teens are also notoriously glued to their cell phones. They may not consider the dangers of texting at a stop light or driving on an open, straight road.

Increased Risk for Impaired Driving

Teens know the dangers of drinking and driving but don't have the experience to judge how much is too much to drink. Adults know the designated driver drinks nothing, but kids may assume the designated driver had the least amount to drink. To limit the risk of drinking and driving, tell your teen not to take the car to a party or ask him or her to call you, no questions asked, after.

Consequences of Teen-Caused Accidents

If a teenager engages in high-risk behavior and causes an accident, he or she may be liable for damages. Unfortunately, the laws regarding driver liability can be confusing, particularly if your teenager caused the accident. A car accident lawyer with experience in teenager-caused accidents can help parents broaden their understanding of teenagers and liability for parents.

Reducing the Dangers of Teen Driving

Teens in Abilene cannot help that they are young and inexperienced. They still have years left to develop and learn that risky behavior has consequences. Parents, however, can provide knowledge and examples to help reduce the chance their teens will engage in risky behavior behind the wheel. Kids who have an example to follow tend to practice more caution.